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Bus Pay-Off!


Na Wai Ola Public Charter School is a charter school located in Mountain View, Hawaii. We are an agri-science school with a strong hawaiian culture base. We service children from Pre-K to 6th grade with students coming from as far as Hilo one way and Pahoa the other way up to Mountain View and Glenwood. This is the ONLY bus the school has to service students with transportation needs.16.10.28-Bus-Payoff

Nā Wai Ola Public Charter School has recently found that the amount owed for the school bus is about $7000.00. What we would like to do is get the bus paid-off in full, which will benefit the school by decreasing monthly expenses. We are seeking donations to go towards this fund. Our school is one of few that provide No-Cost transportation to all of our families.

Our school was one of the first schools to purchase a school bus that has seat belts; this feature made the cost of the bus much higher, but knowing that the students would be safer in a bus with seat belts, the decision was made to purchase this bus in particular. Our bus has a capacity of 62 passengers.

Our hope is that each family could contribute to the cause with a minimum donation amount of $25.00. This amount is not absolute and any donation amount given by families will be appreciated! Please return this form with payment and a receipt will be given when received by office staff.  If you would like to submit a donation online, please check out our GoFundMe Page! All donations are appreciated!

Na Wai Ola Staff & Students