Mahiai Program

Mahiʻai Program

This school year we will build a family in the māla, garden. Every child will make the ʻoha in ʻohana. The mahiʻai program integrates subjects such as agriculture, science, math, and Hawaiian studies all through the lens of a mahiʻai. A mahiʻai is not just a farmer. A mahiʻai is someone who is aware of their world, and knows their place and responsibilities they hold. Our children will naturally grow to become stewards of the land, and be both environmentally aware, and responsible on how we decide to use our resources. Sustainability will come through agriculture, science, and cultural knowledge.

The mahiʻai program goals are to produce a generation of students that know how to live a healthy sustainable life. The mahiʻai program opens the doors for hands on learning, science and math integration, Hawaiian studies, team building, nutrition, and sustainability. Our students will learn the responsibilities, hard work, and skills needed to have and maintain a healthy māla. Raising a generation of mahiʻai might just be the answer for Hawaiʻi’s sustainability. We must start one seed at a time.

Our students and school would greatly appreciate any contributions that you feel could be an asset to us. Donations will be efficiently and effectively utilized.

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